Voodoo Rangers

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Blackened Sunshine


First Self Titled Album
(Intro) The Voodoo Ranger
Blackened Sunshine
Under My Skin
Fast And Free
Keep You Up All Night
Let Me Out
Mother's Eyes
Something Wrong
Velvet Glove

Local Central Alberta Music


Blackened Sunshine

Fast & Free

Keep You Up All Night!

Something Wrong


Gigs Show




Tracks Pub

Saturday, May 6, 2023

4919 49th ave, Olds, AB, Canada, Alberta

Friendzy Fest

Friday August 11, 2023

Rangeton Park, Evansburg, Alberta,


Check out some photos from our recent performance at FriendzyFest, just outside Edmonton.



Logan Wowk

bass guitar

Jeff Tyrkalo


Lee Armstrong

vocals / lead guitar

Jason Turnbull

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Logan Wowk

Born on the mean streets of Normandeau, Red Deer, without hip sockets, I was forced into immobility, traction helping to reform my hips. Like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, breaking free of braces, it was this sedentary start to life that enhanced my ability to use my ears, free my music beast. I am a musician that likes to play by ear, the guitar, the drums, the harmonica, the piano, but most importantly my first instrument, the saxophone. I have played various venues in Red Deer, from Troubled Monk to Bos. You may have crossed paths with a guy in an 80s Sunice Ski Suit or a tutu, blasting saxophone solos at special events…but it was a fun night at East 40th pub, when a fellow approached me and asked about my jamability. A few basement jams later and like the iris of a hurricane Voodoo Rangers materialized in a cabin on the old BOS SOD farm East of Innisfail, a snowmobile race on the Red Deer River sealed the deal. “Whitey Buldger” whistled through the trees that day, Voodoo Rangers the band was made

bass guitar

Jeff Tyrkalo

My name is Jeff Tyrkalo, the bass player for Voodoo Rangers. I grew up in Innisfail AB. I’ve been playing music from an early age and gravitated towards the bass guitar out of availability and necessity. As a youth I was able to play in a variety of local bands as bass wasn’t a commonly played instrument. Since then I’ve gained a deep appreciation and love for the groove. Diving deep into Funk, Soul, Rock, Reggae and Jazz.

The Voodoo Rangers originated from a heavy Metal band out of Calgary called the Black Mountain Outlaws. It was a three piece band consisting of Jason Turnbull, Taylor Sanderson and myself. We released one album and played many shows over Alberta and BC. After the band broke up Jay and I continued to make music. Through mutual friends I met Logan Wowk and after several beers at East 40th pub I was informed that he could play saxophone over any type of music. That seemed like a challenge to me so I decided to take him on it. Turns out he was correct, haha!!! And he quickly became a permanent fixture in this new sound and band we were creating. Lastly, Jay met Lee Armstrong through mutual friends at Traxx Pub in Olds. We finally had the core members to create this new sound.

Since then we have been writing our own brand of funk infused, blues driven sonic bliss in a log cabin west of Innisfail overlooking the Mountains. Also known as “The Forge”. Its whereabouts are unknown to everyone other than the Rangers members. This receipt of mystery and mystique has crafted a sound that can only be described as infectious. One listen and you will agree…. you’re hooked. Hit the Play button and get ready for the good times to roll!!


Lee Armstrong

I was always rhythmic. Following the beat and writing my own as a child. My parents had a diverse taste in blues ,jazz, beatles, the eagles steely dan , supertramp, queen, ccr, fleetwood mac, etc. music always surrounded me. We bought drums at a garage sale, we had makeshift ‘cymbals’. We would play them, out of tune, and parents never batted an eye as we ‘expressed’ our inner music. My next purchase was a 9 piece westbury with proper cymbals. I plugged in my headphones to cjay 92 and 107.3 kik fm, and proceeded to play every 90’s tune that came on. Nirvana, our lady peace , oasis, pearl jam, all were a major influence in my growth. I played jazz band, and percussion for junior/highschool band. Spending lunch hour practicing rudiments , snare techniques, rolls, flams etc. my next kit was a yellow pearl export. By this time cds were a thing and i had found Korn, Limp Bizkit, Offspring, and the handywork of Travis Barker in Blink182. Well i had to learn and practice. We started a few ‘bands’ , never git too far.. then met a group from red deer 2002 , called our selves Eves Reflection . We recorded a demo and toured alberta. We all started families or went separate ways, but regrouped in 07. We started a new album , more so in a heavy rock format, but was cut short due to medical incident and though we wanted to continue, it was over… i jammed over the years with various artists, nothing to serious. Then met Jay Turnbull at a Neighborhood ‘jam’ party. We improvised a couple songs. We seemed to mesh and decided to jam again later. We moved my drums into the cabin, brought more PA , Jeff brought in some new songs and new life then a Saxophone and killer dude came in and brought some real personality to the tunes . I am always learning new styles and love expanding the skillset.


Jason Turnbull

At the age of 6 Jay started on his musical path Singing with his Sister, Father on Guitar & his Nanny on the Keys. at 8 he started piano lessons. His Aunty would remove the vocals from his favourite tracks & put the instrumentals onto tape for him to practice his vocals at a very young age. He learned how to play the piano, sing and then went on to play Bass guitar through Jr High school. His grandmother told him to sing like a bird before his voice cracked because puberty could take away his angelic voice. Jay took it as a challenge & joined his High School Jazz Choir.

Always infatuated with his fathers Vintage Acoustic guitar, he naturally progressed towards 6 Strings & a Microphone.

Jay moved to calgary & joined a Power Metal band as the Lead Vocalist after high school under the agreement that he would sing for the group if they taught him how to play lead guitar, after 4 years playing with the group & dominating the local scene he retired from the project & went on to form the Black Mountain Outlaws.

Jay met Jeff Tyrkalo while hunting for a Bass player for the Black Mountain Outlaws. the Outlaws are a Power Groove Rock Trio consisting of Jay Turnbull, Jeff Tyrkalo & Taylor Sanderson out of Calgary.

Jay & Jeff have been writing & composing music since the first band rehearsal. After 3 years & an incredible run playing with Heavyweight bands like Clutch, Monster Truck & Headlining the best venues on the scene. Jeff left the band & Jay took on his guitar tech Jarin Winterhalt as the Bass guitar player for the Summer Tour, shortly after that Jay left Calgary & Moved north west into the Boreal Forrest in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to raise his Son outside of the hustle of the city.

Now geographically way closer to Tyrk after a small hiatus from playing live, settling into country living & building a Log Cabin for a jam space called “The Forge”. With the Idea of Good Music & Brotherhood in mind the guys formed the Voodoo Rangers.

Jay was invited to a local jam party to play guitar & happened to run into a Gentleman named Lee. He introduced himself & Lee said he had been to a number of Black Mountain Outlaw concerts & stated that he himself was a Killer Drummer. After a couple of cocktails over friendly conversation, The two made a quick set list went up onstage & tore up the Party.

“Once we got the the core 3 rhythm members in the pocket, we brought in Logan. Our pinch hitter” says Jay of the dynamic saxophonist in his own right he really adds a lot of flavour to the group.

“We composed roughly 18 songs & really just had a lot of fun over the past year playing music. We lead a fairly laid-back lifestyle out west. We naturally work hard & well together so if it is too hot to rehearse we don’t feel guilty going out to the lake Surfing behind the Mastercraft or if we get a huge dump of snow in the winter we ride our sleds onto the River behind my house for hours. Then I fire up the Grill, we eat like kings & play music until the early hours of the morning. We really have a lot of laughs together”